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Through the years many have asked me, Should I choose marble for my main floor kitchen and hallway? Or, what do you recommend?


My reply to that is always to follow your personal preference.  Many are simply captivated by the charm and beauty of natural marble.  I personally too share that preference to marble as opposed to porcelain tile or other engineered stone. 


In any area of life we can certainly appreciate genuiness and naturalness as opposed to artificiality.  And that is exactly what you end up with when you choose natural god made marble as opposed to man made marble.  There's nothing more beautiful than a freshly repolished marble floor.


With anything that we personally value, some maintenance is required.  Since marble is natural and porous, it is capable of staining and scratching which can be easily resolved by occassionally regrinding, repolishing and resealing it every number of years depending on the day to day traffic and wear, much similar to the regular maintenance required on a vehicle, your carpeting and our personal health.


So to that question I choose NATURAL MARBLE over engineered man made marble.